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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Apr 2005
Bethany House

God Called a Girl: How Mary Changed Her World--And You Can Too

by Shannon Kubiak

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Pioneering through her world and searching for her ultimate life mission, Shannon Kubiak nimbly guides the reader of God Called a Girl through the journey of becoming a woman living a calling. In an attempt to exhort young women to pursue their God-given roles courageously, Kubiak attacks various insecurities and roadblocks faced while discovering their divine callings. God Called a Girl is written from the fresh yet authentically wise view of this young author.

Kubiak strikes a deep chord for today’s young women who search for true freedom and validity; she uses the Virgin Mary’s experience and relates it to that of an average girl today. Written in a crisp, but low-key style, the author makes her points amenable to a likely insecure audience. A graduate with a B.A. in journalism from Biola University, Kubiak releases her second book as she continues to speak of God’s love at youth conferences across the country. She received the North County Times Excellence in Writing Award in 2000, followed by the San Diego Christian Writers Guild Nancy Bayless Award for Excellence in Writing in 2003.

Every person has been given life in order to make a difference in the world, no matter how “average” that life seems. Kubiak boldly asserts that, “God is looking for world changers. Even though God is not asking you to birth the Christ child, He believes in you and is counting on you….” With Scripture as her guide, she points out the impact of just one life fully committed to serving God’s plan. Then she emphasizes how much change could happen if all of us would give our lives to the One who has amazing plans for us.

This book is a powerful, gut-wrenching testimony that will leave the reader wondering how she could ever live without God as the center of her life’s plan. Still feeling like a girl herself, Kubiak delivers personal convictions that prove simultaneously insightful and challenging. Definitely on my list to read again, God Called a Girl would be a great gift for every “girl” from age 10 to 87. -- Michelle Faulconer, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

God has called on you to make a difference in the world. You think you’re too average to be God’s choice? Mary thought she was average, yet when God came to her with such a monumental task, she agreed without hesitation. Never mind the fact that being a pregrant, unwed teen in her day was punishable by death.

God is looking for world changers. Mary, a simple, insignificant girl, was just a teenager when she revolutionized society and changed the world. Even though God is not asking you to birth the Christ child, He believes in you and is counting on you to make important decisions and changes. God has big plans for your life; see what He can do with just one person fully committed to him.