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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Apr 2005
Bethany House Publishers

Finding and Following God’s Will

by Jane A. G. Kise

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Can God really make His will known to each one of us? This book answers that question with a resounding “Yes!”

The author examines this subject with an even-handed, practical and completely biblical approach. The book is based around twelve questions that will enhance a believer’s discernment of the Lord’s leading. How do I know if something is a sign from God? If the going gets tough, did I make a wrong turn? All of the questions have an honesty and innocence about them. It’s safe to say that these are the kinds of things we have all asked at one time or another.

Each chapter is balanced with an appropriate scriptural passage as well as a few real-life accounts that demonstrate the truth being taught. It was almost as if a cloud of witnesses hovered over the pages and whispered their affirmation of every word. Biblical personalities joined with contemporary people to show how they heard the voice of God and moved forward with confidence.

This book rests soundly on Scripture, and that fact is further highlighted in a section called, “Going Deeper,” which is a set of insightful questions for a more thorough look at what the Bible says. Clearly, the author’s intent is to fully inform every reader about the various ways God can speak to us and show us His will.

There are many times in life when we are confused about the path we should take. However, this reviewer is convinced of the certainty of one decision you can make right now. Choosing to read this book will start you out on the lifelong adventure God has planned for you! – Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

What if I'm not sure what to do?

   What can the Bible tell me today?

      Does God open doors?

         If the going gets tough, did I make a wrong turn?

            What if I missed God’s plan?


Jane Kise asks--and answers--12 key questions about discovering God’s will in both the large and small issues of life.

"Finding and Following God's Will is that rarest of books: a how-to manual that's also a delight to read. Read it straight through or open it to your own most pressing questions about guidance--I started with ‘How do I know if something is a sign from God.’ Wherever you begin you'll immediately be caught up in engrossing real-life stories: A couple seeks to adopt, a divorced woman looks for a new home, a sheriff learns the power of prayer. As you share the struggles of these everyday people (and dozens more), you'll learn with them the principles of walking daily in God's perfect will.” --Elizabeth Sherrill  Author, All the Way to Heaven

Includes Bible study and reflection questions for individual and group use