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Trade Paperback
144 pages
May 2005
Bethany House

When You're Facing the Empty Nest: Avoiding Midlife Meltdown When Your Child Leaves Home

by Mary Ann Froehlich

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When You're Facing the Empty Nest by Mary Ann Froehlich addresses the feelings and emotions that mothers face as their children start to leave home. It also covers the midlife challenges that all women face--sooner than later!

Mary Ann speaks from experience. She compares the empty nest to other periods of grief and says "Allow yourself to grieve. CRY. Mourn the loss of a daily relationship with your child." However, she also says we can pick our response to this new time in our lives. We can prepare to cope, create, or transform. Changes in our lives are part of our growth.

Midlife brings role changes and usually a time of re-evaluation in our lives. Mary Ann offers suggestions to help with re-evaluation and the transition it means in our marriages, too, because midlife changes come to our husbands also.

As one who has already passed through this phase, I can say, "I wish I had had this book before then to prepare or while I was going through it. It is great! It is enlightening and encouraging."

Mary Ann is a fun writer to read. She writes like she is right there with you. She includes scripture, thought-provoking quotes from many authors, and best of all--examples from people who have handled or mishandled this new phase of their life. It would also make a great study guide for a ladies' group. – Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

We go to great lengths to prepare for other major events in our lives...marriage, a new job, a move, a baby…why should the empty nest be any different?

From the cutting of their first tooth to high school graduation, you’ve been with them every step of the way—loving, nurturing, and equipping your children for adulthood. And then t hey are off…immersed in a new life filled with fresh experiences and opportunities, and bonding with people you’ve never met.

Meanwhile, back at home, you suddenly find yourself feeling displaced as your daily role as “Mom” is no longer needed. You feel foolish about the depth of your grief over this normal “life passage” and wonder if you’re the only mom who is struggling…

Unprepared for the roller coaster of emotions she experienced when her own daughters left for college, Mary Ann Froehlich offers comfort, encouragement, and hope for women in this season of life as she openly shares how with God’s help, careful preparation, and the support of others, a potential meltdown can be turned into a “Midlife Masterpiece.”