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Trade Paperback
32 pages
Jul 2010
Concordia Publishing House

Little Things Make Big Differences

by John & Monique Nunes

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Little Things Make Big Differences: A Story About Malaria by John and Monique Nunes is far from a gentle bedtime story for young children. It is a first-person narrative of an 11-year-old girl from Tanzania telling the story of how she was bitten by an infected mosquito and how she nearly died of malaria as a result. As part of the story, Rehema, the girl narrator, tells about the foods, animals, and people of Tanzania, their manner of dress, and their way of living. However, the whole purpose of the book is to motivate families to donate funds to the Lutheran Malaria Initiative of the Lutheran World Relief program. To that end, the suffering and death associated with malaria are spelled out in blunt detail. Whereas this may be educational, even motivational to teens and adults, it has the potential to frighten children who do not have the powers of discernment between mosquitoes in America and mosquitoes in Africa. Be cautious with the use of this little book. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Little Things Make Big Differences is a story about Rehema, a young girl who lives in the African country of Tanzania. When she was a baby, Rehema was infected with malaria, but because her parents were able to get treatment for her, she survived. In the book, Rehema describes what children in the United States can do to help fight malaria.

One little bite from one mosquito doesn't seem like a big thing, but if that mosquito carries the parasite that causes malaria, its bite can be very serious. Malaria is one of the most common infectious diseases, and it can be deadly. Each year, one million people die of malaria-that's one death every 30 seconds. In Africa, 75 percent of the malaria victims are children. Prevention is not only possible, but it's simple.