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32 pages
Jul 2008
Concordia Publishing House

The Christmas List

by Susan K. Leigh

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In The Christmas List by Susan K. Leigh, with illustrations by Alan Flinn, young Emily learns that there are many kinds of Christmas lists.  Her brother Jacob has a list that includes toys and video games for himself.  The ancient Roman rulers had a list called a census that Mary and Joseph had to register themselves on.  Even God has a Lamb's Book of Life list of all those who are redeemed in Christ.  But, alas, Emily has no list of her own.  She seeks help from Grandma, from her parents, and even her Sunday school teacher, but no one can give her ideas for her Christmas list.

Then, it is announced in church that there will be a toy drive for the poor children. But instead of a toy, Emily makes a handmade present, which is a lovely drawing of the heart of Jesus surrounded by all the children of the world, whom Jesus dearly loves.  It is Emily's list of how many ways Jesus shows his devotion to anyone who accepts him as their Savior.

The artwork in this book is closer to cartooning than realistic portraits, but it is colorful and eye-appealing. The book begins and ends by quoting John 3:16.  Each double page fold has paragraphs of narrative on one side and a festive illustration on the other side, often bleeding onto the print side of the page with a border of holly wreaths or strings of popcorn and berries as Christmas tree decorations.  The contrast between Jacob's emphasis on the commercial aspects of the holiday and Emily concern for the true message of Jesus will make this a discussion starter between parents and youngsters.  It can be brought out each December for new readings. -- Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:


Emily is thoughful as she considers what she wants on her Christmas list. Jacob, her brohter, is done with his list and everyone in the family is asking about hers. But Emily has a lot to think about.

When Emily is through thinking, she asks for the most precious gift of all. A gift that will last forever. A gift that is also well worth sharing.

Many children make Christmas lists. In this book children learn that a wish list of gifts is not as important as Jesus' list of all the names of God's children—the Book of Life. (Luke 10:20; Revelation 3:5)

The Christmas List helps children take their focus off material gain by reminding them that the meaning of Christmas is that God sent His Son to be our Savior from sin and to reconcile us with our heavenly Father.