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304 pages
Mar 2008
Harvest House Publishers

Walking with the Women of the Bible

by Elizabeth George

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Women looking for something a little richer and a little deeper in their walk with God should pick up a copy of well-known author and Bible teacher Elizabeth George’s Walking with the Women of the Bible: A Devotional Journey through God’s Word. Full of encouragement and thought-provoking questions, the author helps us scrutinize the lives and faith of a variety of women whose stories are spaced throughout the Scriptures.

From the stories of well-known women to stories of those seldom noticed, the author helps the devotional reader dig deeper into the faith and motivations of women whose lives may parallel our own in challenges and expectations. Every state of a woman’s life is represented and enriched – single, married, childless, mother, grandmother, widow – leaving no reader without a challenge to her faith and spiritual growth. Of the 272 daily devotions, 210 are based on Old Testament passages, and more than 70 women are represented as those whose lives reflect both faith and the faithfulness of God.

The daily readings are not formulaic. There is refreshing variety in both format and message; themes include hospitality, love, leaving home, divorce, barrenness, artistry, parenting, giving, rescue, murder, worship and loyalty. Each reading is based on a specific Scripture verse quoted at the top of the page and ending with a paragraph of application for present day living.

The reader looking for straight Bible teaching to begin her day will find this book disappointing. Typical of most females when it comes to stories of other women, George is masterful at “reading between the lines” and digging into the desires and motivations represented by the actions of a woman in Scripture, even if the woman is only mentioned in a short sentence. She targets the heart issues that propelled the choices of women of the Bible; in doing so she also targets our own hearts and motivations.

Whether the stories are new or old to us, the situations and tests of faith they represent continue to repeatedly challenge modern women. This is a book with enough depth that it will be used often and passed around by friends. It would be an excellent tool for women’s small groups or for mentoring. It is most appropriate for women college age or older. Highly recommended. – Michelle Curtis,

Book Jacket:

Elizabeth George invites women to get to know the women of the Bible. Readers will be intrigued and inspired as they become friends with Eve, Deborah, Rachel, Leah, Naomi, Mary, and many more. The devotions highlight how God reached out to these women and changed their lives. Readers will discover that He will also help them successfully handle their own situations and grow in areas that include:

* devotion and service (Ruth and Naomi) * courage and honor (Esther) * motherhood and creativity (Jochebed) * wisdom and leadership (Deborah) * sacrifice and faithfulness (Hannah)

Walking with the Women of the Bible encourages women to cultivate a deep, intimate relationship with God and turn to Him for strength, comfort, and help.