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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Jul 2008
Harvest House Publishing

Trusting in the Names of God

by Catherine Martin

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Catherine Martin has produced this piquant, pointed, and challenging subject in two books, both of which will help you in special ways to come closer to your Lord.

Trusting in The Names of God-- The 30 Day Journey takes a daily, brief but deep look at various facets of this subject. Each day provides a scripture, a discussion, and a page of leading ideas to help you respond to the subject. Subjects covered include: Knowing Godís Names; Trusting in Them; Discovering His Greatness and Glory; Discovering His Person and Presence; and, Discovering His Care and Concern. Because this book can be used individually or in a group this book ends with helps for group activity.

Trusting in The Names of God-- A Quiet Time Reference covers eight weeks of more intense daily devotions, covering this subject in greater measure than The 30 Day Journey. Each day presents one facet, illuminated by several scriptures. The user is called upon to provide written input after study and meditation. Many facets of this subject are covered including: seeking and living with the Lord; growing the foundation of trust through prayer, action and declaration; the many sides of Creation and how it applies to us; Beholding His beauty in Himself, and other areas; and much more. Throughout, the Hebrew names of God are studied. Once again group discussions are provided. A personal journal for the reader to write down prayer requests and answers is added at the end.

Both these books intrigued, delighted, and challenged me. I met tried and true ideas with new emphases which drew me into closer communion with God. It is well worth reading both books. They accent the subject differently, building on each other. Individual readers and groups will find these books valuable. Trusting in the Names of God also make a good set of reference books. Ė Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

Author, founder and president of Quiet Time Ministries Catherine Martin enthusiastically writes, speaks, and teaches devotion to God through His Word. In her new book, she presents the many names of God, describes how they reveal His character, and explains that by trusting in them readers can better understand who God is.