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Trade Paperback
Jul 2007
Harvest House Publishers

The Truth Behind The Secret: A Reasoned Response to the Runaway Bestseller

by James K. Walker & Bob Waldrep

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In 2006, Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling DVD The Secret was followed by an even more successful book of the same title. The book rocketed to fame, and as of September 2007 still topped the New York Times bestseller list of “Advice” books. But just what is The Truth Behind The Secret? Evangelical ministry leaders James K. Walker and Bob Waldrep interviewed scientists and religious experts to find out.

The Secret promises wealth, health, romance, and more by applying the Law of Attraction in your daily life. Thinking good thoughts will attract prosperity and blessings to you. Thinking bad thoughts will attract disease and misfortune. Your life is the outcome of your thoughts.

But what are some of the ramifications of The Secret? Should you stop taking medicine and prescribed treatments because they focus your thoughts on your illness? Can you only become rich by ignoring the problems of those in poverty? Did the victims of the Holocaust and 9/11 bring death upon themselves through their thoughts? The Truth Behind the Secret takes an honest, hard look both at these ethical questions and at the science and sources behind the theory.

For a book written as a rebuttal of another book, The Truth Behind the Secret maintains a very professional attitude throughout most of its content. A journalistic tone is set early in the first chapter, and the text is easy to read, with succinct sentences that get to the point quickly. Each chapter concludes with a set of questions to be answered in the next chapter, thus providing smooth transitions from one topic to the next.

The Truth Behind The Secret examines the history of The Secret by going to Byrne’s original sources. Although she says the Law of Attraction is based in scientific fact, few if any of the previous proponents of the theory claim it is other than a religious view. Walker and Waldrep also interview four scientists with degrees in fields relating to the topics, and each expounds on the facts and fallacies behind The Secret.

The authors are not petty in their writing and do not make personal attacks against the supporters of The Secret. The few exceptions are quotes from less tactful critics of the theory. The principles of The Secret are portrayed accurately in this book, with numerous quotes from The Secret and from the works of spiritual mentors from whom Byrne drew. The book is thorough enough that the reader does not need to have previously read The Secret to understand the principles of the Law of Attraction.

Since the response book is written by Christian believers active in ministry, readers will be surprised to find little mention of Jesus. Even when the topic does come up, Christianity is treated objectively. The only suggestion of an evangelical message comes in the last three pages, and even then it is only a hint of something larger.

Although some Christians may be disappointed by the lack of proselytizing, this book was not intended for them. It was written for those who have read The Secret, who are trying to want to understand the truth behind it, and who want a second opinion from a reliable source. The Truth Behind the Secret will give them the answers they need. – Nathan Biberdorf, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Is the Secret everything it claims to be?

At first glance, the message of The Secret is very appealing. It's about using The Law of Attraction to make your life better and get everything you've ever wanted. It offers beautiful and powerful promises that, if true, could be the fulfillment of every human yearning. And we're told that it's all backed by science.

But there are some very significant secrets behind The Secret that aren't being told.

What are the true origins of the teachings in The Secret?
Who are among the early architects of these teachings?
What are the dangers of living according to The Secret?
Does science really back the Secret teachings?

This thoughtful investigative presentation will give you uncensored access to the truth behind the amazing claims made in The Secret.