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Trade Paperback
400 pages
Aug 2007
Harvest House Publishers

What Does the Bible Say About...?

by Ron Rhodes

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We’ve all been baffled by questions regarding Christianity, but Ron Rhodes’ new book, What Does the Bible Say About…?, can help us with the answers. The author gives logically and biblically sound answers to those questions he feels are the most frequently asked about Christianity. Topics covered include the existence of guardian angels, the Trinity, Satan and his demons, and cultic issues. All are presented in a clear, easy-to-read format.

Rhodes categorizes by topic the questions he answers into easily located chapters. Each of his answers is supported by scripture references; some are further supported by the documented beliefs of the early church fathers, as cited directly in the body of his answers.

Rhodes, who holds several theological degrees, hosts a national radio program, and is president of Resoning from the Scriptures Ministries, sometimes uses his own logic in answering a few of the more profound questions. This is an excellent book to have as a reference tool in a personal library. I found this book’s contents to be simply presented, well supported, and relatively well balanced, though it is clear in portions of this book that the author’s beliefs don’t line up with the teachings of certain denominations.

I wouldn’t recommend reading this book straight through, but instead using it as a reference for questions you might come across in your daily walk. I think it would be especially good for people who are asked these types of questions about Christianity frequently, like a pastor, or those who might have questions themselves, such as new believers or those non-believers who are curious.

Reviewed by Shannon C. Potelicki, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Popular author and Bible teacher Ron Rhodes offers straightforward, easy–to–understand responses to frequently asked questions about God, faith, and living for Christ. He addresses more than 300 issues as diverse as...

  • Do guardian angels exist?
  • What will heaven and hell be like?
  • Did Jesus physically come back to life?
  • Is meditation okay for Christians?
  • Does a person have to be baptized to be saved?

Readers will also find information about apparent Bible contradictions and difficult verses, supposed conflicts between science and the Bible, and the effects of atheism, agnosticism, and humanism on society.

With solid biblical insights and accurate research, this indispensable reference will help readers explore God’s incredible plan, the life of Christ, the teaching of the Bible, church doctrines, and more. Perfect for personal study, small groups, and every Christian’s reference library.