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Trade Paperback
128 pages
Aug 2006
Harvest House Publishers

Why Mike's Not a Christian

by Ben Young

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Best-selling author Ben Young’s new book Why Mike’s Not a Christian is a must-read for any teenager, adult, or even any unbeliever who has ever pondered Christianity’s “unanswerable” questions. Employing relevant quotes and facts, along with simple, clear logic, Young tactfully addresses several issues dominating the thoughts of mainstream America, including relativism, evolution, hypocrisy, and the New Age theories.

Complete with study questions at the end of each chapter and even debate ethics topics, Young’s book would make a wonderful Bible study guide. His down-to-earth style is not only respectful toward people with other views, but it also encourages thinking and discussion rather than hostility, which many other apologetic books fail to do. Young remains respectful of all views, while holding that Jesus is the one and only Way. He even manages to present his words in the wise, calm tone that Christians should use when talking with their questioning peers.

Young spends a good deal of time addressing the point of view of the American agnostic or atheist, helping readers to understand what and why people think as they do. This successful maneuver forces readers to look at the world from a different angle and to better understand what is going on in today’s global society. The book also includes realistic conversations between the agnostic Mike and his Christian friend, Josh, as examples of real-life witnessing opportunities. A non-Christian reading this book would be encouraged to think about what it presents; he or she might be more willing to engage in conversations about Christianity.

Why Mike’s Not a Christian is a great book for Christians of all ages, especially teens, who wish to equip themselves to become better witnesses for Christ. It would also be a wonderful addition to any library wishing to encourage its members in outreach and evangelism. – Jennifer Opperman, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Can most believers give a rational explanation for their faith? Have most skeptics ever heard convincing answers to their arguments? Author Ben Young creates an intriguing and insightful dialogue between a skeptic, Mike, and a Christian friend working through Mike’s questions with thoughtful, biblical answers.

Along the way, readers will discover responses to the most common reasons people say they are not a Christian—

  • It’s true for you, but not for me
  • All Christians are hypocrites
  • Evolution is true
  • The Bible is full of myths
  • All paths lead to God, not just one

Open–minded skeptics looking for answers or Christians looking for a way to articulate their beliefs more effectively will want this on hand.