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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Sep 2006
Harvest House

Loving Life as an At-Home Mom

by Donna Otto

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If you are a working mom who is considering becoming a stay-at-home mom, you should read Loving Life As An At-Home Mom by Donna Otto. As you can see from the title, Otto is in favor of moms staying home with their children. Otto fully espouses the truth that no one can or will take better care of your child than you. Your children need you, but can you, should you, and do you want to stay at home? This book discusses the issues involved in deciding to come home.

What about your education? Will it be wasted? What about your finances? Your emotional health? Your status as a woman? Are you going to be bored? Can you handle being home? These issues are covered in the first part of the book. Further chapters discuss ministry in the home, finding your identity as a mother, growth as a person, overcoming housekeeping problems, and raising children with strong character.

One chapter of this book deals with finding a mentor who can guide you in a homemaking career. She also talks about friendships and sisterhood and touches briefly on how to earn money at home, how to make your home a place you love, and how to work with your husband and emotionally support him in his efforts to provide for and lead the family.

Otto is a home-and-life management expert. She is the founder of Homemakers By Choice and a speaker for women’s groups nationwide. She has written several other books: Finding Purpose as a Mom, Secrets to Getting More Done in Less Time and Finding a Mentor, Being a Mentor.

I recommend the book to moms who are considering the possibilities of staying at home with their families and need some guidance to make that decision. It gives answers to the woman who has just recently taken time off from her career to be with her newborn and who wonders if she should make the change permanent. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

This celebration of stay–at–home motherhood is filled with practical ideas to make the choice and journey sweeter, easier, and more fulfilling. Author and long–time mentor to moms, Donna Otto shares how mothers can:

be women of God in a world of children
fine–tune their household routine make time for themselves
choose the best educational option for their children
find support from other moms and women

This insightful, encouraging, and personable resource will help those evaluating the decision and will be a life saver for mom’s already discovering the rewards of being at home.

Formerly titled The Stay–at–Home Mom