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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Jul 2006
Harvest House Publishers

The Mom I Want to Be

by T. Suzanne Eller

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The title for T. Suzanne Eller’s newest release emphasizes two red-letter words: The Mom I Want to Be. This indicates Eller’s desire to step confidently into her role as a mom despite her dismal childhood. Like piecing together a shredded photograph, Eller invites her mother to join her in showing readers how to bring wholeness out of shattered fragments.

Sent to grade school with an “I’m a Stupid Girl” placard, Eller describes her mom as “a stained-glass portrait with cracks running deep.”  She urges the reader who has a broken past to confront it.  Then, with renewed strength from God, it is possible to break down the old barriers and move ahead. Not only is Suzanne involved in the lives of her three young adult children, but she ministers to teens and young adults, weaving in her story of God’s power to triumph over tragedy. To engage the reader in the healing process, Eller includes personal inventory questions at the end of each chapter.   

Throughout the book, the author emphasizes that each person is much more than his or her past. “I’m not just a woman who had a chaotic family,” Eller writes. “I’m…a woman of faith.”  It’s also difficult, she admits, to forgive; yet, instead of wedging herself into a dungeon of bitterness, Eller holds out for discovering new opportunities to constructively shape her children’s lives. Eller’s mother admonishes the reader as well: “Don’t waste one more day living in the past.”

With the intention of helping moms avoid pitfalls of their pasts, Suzanne Eller keeps a watchful eye on dealing with her pain while choosing to go forward. “The passion you once devoted to nurturing resentment…will be released for better things.”  If you are in the midst of changing diapers, or any other stage of parenting, yet you’ve put off dealing with the defeat of a dismal past, I recommend that you add this book to your next shopping list. – Cheryl A. Cecil, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A woman’s experience as a mother is influenced by the mothering she received as a child. If neglect was a part of that upbringing, the woman who holds a newborn and faces the responsibility of parenting needs a healthy vision of motherhood.

T. Suzanne Eller compassionately discusses how a woman can turn from a painful past and embrace a godly example of motherhood. She shares

  • how shattered legacies can be put back together
  • the path to restoring the broken image of motherhood
  • ways to let go and embrace a new story

This is a celebration of God’s healing power and how all women can become the mom they want to be.