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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Mar 2005
Harvest House Publishers

Answering the Big Questions About God: A Straightforward Guide to the Christian Faith

by Jim Thomas

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Apologist Jim Thomas in his new book, Answering the Big Questions About God: A Straightforward Guide to the Christian Faith, tackles gnawing questions about life, faith, and God. In unassuming prose, Thomas helps readers find meaningful answers.

Pastor of The Village Chapel in Nashville, Tennessee, Jim Thomas’ book has much to offer readers in all stages of the faith. New believers will find the answers a great map through the complexities of the Bible. Seasoned believers will find there are more than just simple solutions in this book: there is meat to chew on. Fully referenced with a glossary of basic theological terms, this book is an excellent reference.

Consider this passage, from the chapter, ‘How Do We Know The Bible is God’s Word?’: “As the gatekeepers of our own minds, we must recognize that the wisdom of the Bible is not programmed into us. We have to take the time to read it ourselves and meditate on it, becoming even more familiar with the truth it contains.”

While I found the book easy to read, I grew weary of the author’s humor. The first time he advised readers to take a drink of coffee and deep breath to get through the theological and thoughtful passages it was humorous, the other times it was demeaning. Aside from this, it is an excellent book and I recommend it to readers of all stages of Christian faith. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Authentic Answers to Questions About God makes readers feel as though they are sitting down with a trusted friend over a cup of coffee rather than meeting with a church official in his office.

Drawing upon years of doing question–and–answer seminars with audiences of all ages, author Jim Thomas gives intellectually satisfying and spiritually enriching answers to the questions that matter most:

    · Why does God allow so much suffering?

    · Does He answer all our prayers?

    · Is it a sin to doubt?

Authentic Answers to Questions About God will help readers discover practical, straightforward, and challenging answers to some of the most important questions they will ever have.

Material is taken from Coffeehouse Theology and Streetwise Spirituality