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Trade Paperback
224 pages
May 2005
Harvest House Publishers

Addicted to Shopping and Other Issues Women Have with Money

by Karen O'Connor

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If a man had written Addicted to Shopping, it would have been labeled sexist, slanderous bigotry. However, Karen O’Connor says that women—many women—have serious problems with money. Her book explains to women why they think, behave and spend as they do, and then she explains what they can do to change such negative behaviors. So, what makes her an expert? Well, to paraphrase Paul, she was once “the chief of sinners” in regard to handling money. Having wound up divorced, broke, and at wits’ end about how to overcome her debt problems, O’Connor started attending Debtors Anonymous and slowly turned her life around.

O’Connor begins her book by explaining the 12 most common reasons why women spend money they don’t have. Some women only feel important if they can spend money on other people. Some shop in order to alter their feelings of depression. Some women hoard or spend money because of an unsettling home life as a child. And the list continues.

One factor O’Connor hammers home is that most women just don’t know anything about money management because “they don’t like to think about it.” As a result, they can be cheated or preyed upon, or they can make poor financial decisions based on emotions rather than logic. One widow’s husband left her a paid-off home and $500,000. Three years later she was broke because she paid for her children’s and grandchildren’s vacations, orthodontia bills, and private school educations. They then dumped her. Another woman was divorced after 25 years of marriage and given $100,000 outright. She continued to buy clothes and jewelry and to take trips and eat out just as she had when her husband was supporting her. But he no longer was, so her cash was gone in two years, and she owed $25,000 in credit card charges.

O’Connor also moves into areas in which women are “diseased” by money, such as being chronic gamblers or needing money for drugs and alcohol. This book is not a mild slap on the wrist, but more like a punch in the teeth. Fortunately, that “punch” is accompanied by lessons of love from the Bible and tips for recovery offered by O’Connor and other financial experts.

Women who lack knowledge about money or who suspect they might be in financial trouble should read this book with a highlighter in hand. -- Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Born to shop. A woman’s place is in the mall. We laugh at the stereotype of woman shoppers, but the reality is that millions of women struggle with handling money. With compassion and understanding, Karen O’Connor helps women evaluate their spending habits through questions that include:

  • Does spending money make you feel better?
  • Do you shop when you’re under stress?
  • Do you dread having your money–handling habits exposed?

From excessive shopping to penny–pinching, from splurging to refusing to buy necessities, Karen explores the reasons behind the misuse of money. Then, drawing on her experiences and biblical insights, she reveals practical strategies readers can use to develop a healthy view of money and regain control of their spending.