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Trade Paperback
180 pages
Feb 2005
Harvest House Publishers

Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God: Encouragement to Refresh Your Soul

by Mary DeMuth

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Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God is a devotional by Mary E. DeMuth. Full of stories inspired by her children and embellished by God, this book will have you thinking more about the meaning of your interactions with the children in your life.

Mary E. DeMuth is a missionary to France, mother of three, pastor’s wife, and a fine novelist. Mary captures little vignettes of life and draws fresh meaning and powerful insights from them. From Roly Polys to naked Barbie dolls, there is no place this mom won’t dare to go. Each chapter ends with a prayer.

More than just a bunch of mom stories, consider this passage: “May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi! This is a prayer by a sage in the Mishna—the entire body of Jewish religious law that was passed down orally and then transcribed. Rabbis in biblical times had followers or disciples. Being chosen by a rabbi was a special privilege. Students chosen to study under a particular rabbi spent every waking hour in the rabbi’s presence. … The prayer comes from this idea: the rabbi’s disciples followed so closely they were covered from the dust kicked up from his sandals.”

A remarkably well-rounded collection of devotions, brief enough to be read on the go, yet meaty enough to stay in your spirit throughout the day. If you are looking for a book to encourage you on in the cause of Christ, this is it! I recommend this book for moms and those who love children. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God is a devotional aimed at the deeper issues of the heart and one that will provide a soothing respite amid chaos. Think of it as Oswald Chambers meets Busy Housewife.

Writer, speaker, and stay–at–home mom Mary DeMuth creatively focuses on the gift of motherhood as she considers

  • resting quietly in the Lord, even on crazy–busy days
  • being thankful for the duties as well as the joys of being a mom
  • offering God a heart to prune so that it can continue to bear good fruit

Personal stories integrated with scriptural truth and probing prayers will help everyday stay–at–home moms remain connected to the most amazing and extraordinary Parent of all parents.

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