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Trade Paperback
252 pages
Apr 2007
Harvest House

The Song Weaver (The Mountain Song Legacy #3)

by B. J. Hoff

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It is the year 1904. In northeastern Kentucky, farming and mining are still important skills for the common man, the horse and buggy is the main means of transportation, and women doctors are an alien concept. This is the familiar world of newlywed Maggie Stuart and her husband Jonathan.

The Song Weaver is the latest and concluding novel in BJ Hoff’s “Mountain Song Legacy” trilogy. Within its pages is the tale of God’s love in the midst of trials and peace in times of chaos. Readers will easily find themes to relate to and characters to enjoy.

The book begins with the happy Stuart couple, spending a long anticipated honeymoon. However, this pretty picture doesn’t last long, as one fateful telegram brings news that will change their lives forever. The MacAuley home, Maggie’s family, is struck with sudden grief when a family member dies in child labor. Now, what is to happen to the newborn baby? And what about the lingering shadow –the baby’s abusive father– who will surely return for his child?

Although this plot is not a new concept, Hoff easily pulls it off. The ideas are believable and the characters lovable. Hoff also reveals her skill with words, allowing them to flow in an easy-to-read manner. This gives readers the chance to focus on the heart of the story, which in most ways will not disappoint.

However, readers might be a little confused when the plot line wanders a bit too far off course. The main source of conflict doesn’t truly arrive in the story until close to the end, and once it does is not developed very in-depth. The problem is dealt with only until its termination and then the consequences are ignored.

Other than that, Maggie and Jonathan’s creative tale of turmoil, trust, and God’s truth, will leave readers wishing that this wasn’t the end. The novel will capture the interest of both the young and old, the regular Hoff fans and the newly developing ones. This will be a book to add to the collection. -- Amy Nickerson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Bestselling author B.J. Hoff will delight readers as her unforgettable characters from A Distant Music and The Wind Harp reunite for a dramatic conclusion to The Mountain Song Legacy trilogy.

When a shadow falls over the MacAuley family, newlyweds Jonathan and Maggie Stuart find their faith and newly discovered happiness tested in unforeseen ways. An abrupt summons to return from their honeymoon wrenches them from the joy of their early days of marriage and thrusts them into the midst of a family in anguish.

Responsible for helping their loved ones heal, while maintaining and nurturing their own relationship and their love for each other, the young couple faces a challenge that will ultimately define their marriage and decide their future.