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Trade Paperback
96 pages
Apr 2004
Harvest House Publishers

The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code : A Challenging Response to the Bestselling Novel

by Richard Abanes

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The Truth Behind the DaVinci Code by Richard Abanes dissects the pieces of Brown’s novel that have been causing confusion in the church. The author quotes a passage from the book, then shows the flaws and presents the truth. This scholarly comeback to the DaVinci book was written by a recognized authority on cults and religions. His responses to Brown’s book are documented and recognized fact as opposed to Brown’s “facts” which his touts as truth. Although Brown brags on the accuracy of his story, Abanes points out that the book, while cleverly written, is diminished in overall value by the unusually high number of inaccuracies. These Abanes pulls up from the text and refutes authoritatively. It is a thorough examination of The DaVinci Code and should be read by anyone who finds himself confused by that novel. -- Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Nationally recognized researcher Richard Abanes, author of Harry Potter and the Bible, looks at three of the most fascinating people in history: Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, and Leonardo Da Vinci. Based on his extensive research, Abanes explores the answers to many of the questions that Dan Brown’s fictional thriller, The Da Vinci Code, raises:

  • Are Da Vinci’s paintings really full of clues about an alternative religion?
  • Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene married?
  • Has the church suppressed the truth about the “Lost Gospels”?
  • What is the real nature of the Holy Grail?

Join Richard Abanes as he “de–codes” one of the most controversial novels of our time and goes behind the scenes to separate fact from fiction.