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Trade Paperback
315 pages
Jan 2005
Harvest House Publishers

A Window to the World

by Susan Meissner

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A Window to the World by Susan Meissner tells the story of a young girl, Megan Diamond, who begins as a shy, insecure, friendless youngster until she discovers a friend, Jen Lovett, who possesses her exact opposite characteristics. However, tragedy strikes, and Megan finds herself wondering how she should cope. Although she is a Christian, her faith is challenged and then strengthened as she learns to release the pain of the tragic event and to focus her life, not on the past, but on God.

The novel is written in a simple style, making it easy to read. Yet, although the book can be read in a short time, the characters are effectively described so that they appear to be real, not merely flat and two-dimensional. They act, and react, in very realistic ways.

The main character Megan only comes out of her shell after she meets Jen Lovett. Megan is timid, quiet, and attends Sunday school regularly, whereas Jen is vocal, confident and often questions God and how He works. Nevertheless, when Jen is kidnapped, Megan becomes lost in a swirl of fear, confusion, and a faint hope that Jen will return. She once again withdraws into her shell, opening up only to Jenís brother and an elderly woman, Adele. As she grows older, Megan finally stops behaving as if the kidnapping occurred only moments ago, as opposed to years ago, and moves on, allowing God to lead her life instead of being dominated by the memories of Jen. As time passes, she finally recognizes all of the blessings that she received because of the tragedy; blessings she would never have experienced without Jenís disappearance.

I enjoyed A Window to the World, not only for its plot, but also because it was easy for me to identify with the characters. At times, one can be as uncertain as Megan and begin to doubt the actions of God. All people can understand the trials of being an indirect victim of a tragedy and feeling at a loss as to how to cope. But this novel also gives a sense of hope, a sense that God is in complete control of every situation, but that He requires our trust and faith. I would recommend this novel to Christian readers, especially those who may struggle with allowing God to take control of troubles in life. -- Naomi Sloan, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Megan Diamond, an introverted seven-year-old, has decided that being "invisible" is all she can ever hope to be. That is until Jen Lovett walks into her life. Her new, uninhibited friend brings Megan out of her shell into a new--and sometimes dangerous--way of viewing the world. Megan's shyness is replaced with self-confidence.

When sudden tragedy strikes, the world is turned upside down for both Jen's and Megan's families, and as the years pass, the effects of that one horrible day continue to cause heartache.

And then an unexpected phone call changes everything and becomes an invitation to have restored what has been lost. But with the invitation comes the painful reopening of old wounds. Megan must ask herself what part a troubled past plays in shaping who we become, how we view the world, and--more importantly--how we view the God who is in control of our destiny. Is the risk of staying in the worth the pain, or were roses--and people--made to blossom?