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Trade Paperback
470 pages
Aug 2004
Harvest House Publishers

Becoming Gods

by Richard Abanes

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Christians have been reasoning their faith with Mormons for decades, but in more recent times the debate has changed. Primarily due to evolving arguments and even beliefs of the Latter Day Saints, this subtle shift has made the Christian approach obsolete. With that dilemma in mind, Richard Abanes has penned Becoming Gods as a tool to open discussions between Christians and Mormons, and inform both of what the Bible and Mormon writings actually state.

Abanes himself has been actively involved in Christian apologetics with Mormons, most recently via the Internet in forums, and using his extensive research and experiences he shares with readers current Mormon doctrines and Biblical responses. To demonstrate the scope of his study, he has allotted over 100 pages at the end of this book for footnotes and appendices.

But don’t be intimidated by its size (470 pp), the author has intentionally written Becoming Gods for the layperson, with practical explanations and memorable narratives. Each chapter delves into a major belief held by today’s Mormonism, using their own historical documents as well as modern Mormon apologists to define the doctrine specifically. Part of the problem of having a discussion is the definition of terms used. As Christians, it may appear that Mormons believe the same as we do, yet the meaning behind some statements is quite the opposite. Abanes takes the time to explain the differences without bogging the reader down in tedium.

I found Becoming Gods to be extremely interesting -- factual without being dry. It is a vital book to anyone wanting understanding of how current Mormon thinking stacks against the Bible and evangelical standards. I would highly recommend it to both Christians and Mormons, because Abanes has presented his findings in a forthright, respectful manner appropriate to all. – Stacy Oliver, Christian Book

“This is an insightful, helpful, and tactful presentation of Mormonism. It reflects extensive research, in–depth analysis, and valuable evaluation. It is a major contribution to the study of one of the largest and fastest growing religious groups in America.”—Dr. Norm Geisler, author, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary

“Richard Abanes is part of a generation of Christian writers who have come to recognize that responding to alternative religious movements that challenge traditional Christian theology, such as Mormonism, is not merely a matter of refuting a position. Rather, it requires a careful and thoughtful analysis that takes into consideration the richness and nuances of the positions one is critiquing. Although you may find yourself disagreeing with Abanes on certain points, no one, including believers in Mormonism, will question the charitable spirit in which he offers his case.” —Francis J. Beckwith, author of Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid–Air and general editor of The New Mormon Challenge

“Once again Richard Abanes has produced a helpful book for the general Christian public. He combines careful research with journalistic skill to give us insight to some of the major errors of Mormon doctrine, but does so in a respectful manner so that his words may be read, hopefully, by Mormons who are willing to reevaluate the teachings of their religion. Abanes provides many interesting tidbits in his sidebars, many that I had never considered or read before. The book kept my interest throughout. I commend him for his work and believe that Christians will be greatly benefited by reading Becoming Gods.” —H. Wayne House, author and Distinguished Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Faith Seminary

Becoming Gods takes evangelicals and Mormons into the next generation of amicable confrontation. Abanes’ book is extensively researched and abounding in website citations accessible to anyone interested in verifying source material. Full of fresh insight and captivating erudition, this volume will keep you informed on the most current responses to some of the latest and best defenses of the Mormon faith. This resource will prepare you for that challenge and others to come.” —Shandon L. Guthrie, adjunct professor of philosophy at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, writer and speaker on apologetics, comparative religions, and ethical issues

Book Jacket:

Bestselling author and award–winning journalist Richard Abanes takes a comprehensive look at the Mormon doctrines that undergird the teachings and beliefs of today’s Latter–day Saints.

Building on broad–based discussions of Mormonism’s past—and making use of cutting–edge LDS resources and the author’s recent interactions with Mormon scholars—this detailed, accurate resource covers such topics as...

  • the Mormon God and Jesus, and the potential godhood of men and women
  • prophetic revelations—today’s versus those from the past
  • the standard writings, such as The Book of Mormon
  • Mormons’ latest arguments for their faith

Bringing clarity out of what is sometimes a confusing faith to non–Mormons, Abanes authoritatively demonstrates why evangelicals cannot and should not accept the ever–changing claims of Mormonism.