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408 pages
Jan 2008
Harvest House

Sons of Glory (The Thistle and the Cross #3)

by Craig and Janet Parshall

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We pick up the MacKenzie family in February, 1770, in Boston. The colonies are starting to riot against the Crown for their unequal treatment. But King George is afraid they will break away and he will lose control of a very wealthy venture. So, he is tightening the screws by placing more English troops there.

People are speaking out for their rights as Englishmen, but only facing more troops removing more of their freedoms. Suddenly, at a freedom rally, an English Tory kills a young boy. The crowd seeks to retaliate as a troop of soldiers comes to settle things down. In the midst of bottle and rock throwing, the troopers start firing. Several patriots are killed.

The captain and several of the troops are arrested for murder. John Adams, a patriot, is asked to defend the captain. He accepts after discussing the ramifications with his young associate, Nathan MacKenzie. Was there provocation for the troopers to fire? Did the captain order them to fire? What effect will this trial have on the lives of Mr. Adams and Mr. MacKenzie?

Nathan’s older brother, Edward, is a preacher in the local church. He is struggling to decide where he stands in this issue of American freedom from England. Also, his wife, Edith, is struggling with her barrenness.

Nathan’s younger brother, Robby, is in Virginia. He is working for a wealthy landowner until he refuses to respond to the landowner’s daughter’s flirting. He finds himself on the run when the landowner tries to throw him in jail after his daughter accuses Robby of improper advances.

He eventually ends up in a British prison in Ireland. Will Robby escape? Will he find true love? Will he ever get back to America? Where is God in all of this?

This is a wonderful action-packed book that helps you see some of the struggles of the men who were in the fight for independence. They were cutting themselves off from any family and guidance from England and facing the challenge of setting up their own government.

It also lets you look into the inner lives of some of those involved in that fight and the price their families would have to pay. But most of all, you see the Lord’s guidance as these men sought it in this giant step toward independence and a new life in this new land. -- Linda Demorest,

Book Jacket:

Boston, Massachusetts—1770. Having left Scotland, the Mackenzie family now lives on in three brothers—Nathan, Edward, and Robby—as the turbulent story begun in Crown of Fire and Captives and Kings concludes.

When Nathan, a young lawyer, witnesses the Boston Massacre, he and his mentor John Adams—though both pro–independence—are pulled into defending British soldiers.

During the following conflict with his fellow patriots, Nathan also struggles with his minister brother, Edward, who remains firmly loyal to what he considers the God–ordained British government.

When youngest brother Robby, a radical patriot, is arrested and hanged, Edward and Nathan must each search heart and soul. In the end, they and their families pledge themselves to the colonial cause. To them, however, ultimate glory does not rest with a new nation and new political system. Rather, true glory resides in doing God’s will in the midst of dangerous and uncertain times.