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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Oct 2006
Harvest House Publishers

What Makes a Man Feel Loved: Understanding What Your Husband Really Wants

by Bob Barnes

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In a market full of fix-your-marriage books, how-to-date books, and the general what-is-he/she-thinking? books, it can be difficult to find anything with a unique perspective or new material. And although Bob Barnes’ What Makes a Man Feel Loved isn’t what I would call cutting edge on the subject, he does provide women with a solid book. Many different topics are covered, but they all come back to the central theme of how these topics affect men.

Much of the book comes from Barnes’ own experience, but he keeps it interesting by including the perspectives, quotes, stories, and poems of others (not to mention Scripture verses and biblical references). The book also contains several helpful diagrams and a quiz to determine personality types. Chapters are broken into subjects such as “Overcoming the Lies Around Us,” “A Gentle Quiet Spirit,” and “A Difference in Temperament.” Each chapter also includes sidebars that explain ways to show a man that he is loved.

This isn’t a all encompassing fix-it book, but it gives a great overview of healthy interaction in many areas. It is apparent that Barnes has done his research, and he also references other helpful and practical resources for readers to use. I particularly liked the fact that he continued to point women toward Christ, emphatically stressing that only God can completely satisfy them. So, although the book is helpful and covers quite a bit of ground, the roots remain planted in the soil of God’s love and in Scripture throughout. – Lauren Steigerwald, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Bob Barnes, bestselling author and devoted husband to author Emilie Barnes, helps wives discover what men think about priorities, desires, and life in his popular book (more than 85,000 copies sold)—now with a new cover.

Drawing from his experience and the experiences of men he has ministered to over the years, Bob reveals:

  • why differences between men and women enrich marriage
  • how a wife can fulfill the desires of her mate
  • the importance of practicing spiritual submission
  • how to affirm a husband’s spiritual leadership

Bob’s biblical “Love in Action” suggestions and principles remind a woman that her support builds a man’s sense of being loved and creates a foundation for a lasting relationship.