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Trade Paperback
275 pages
Jan 2003
Harvest House

Dismantling Evolution : Building the Case for Intelligent Design

by Ralph Muncaster

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"Ralph Muncaster speaks layman to layman about the scientific evidences for intelligent design. Most helpful is the wealth of historical material that helps make his discussion about the latest scientific discoveries both fun to red and understandable.” —Hugh Ross, PhD, Astrophysicist, Founder of Reasons to Believe Institute

“Dismantling Evolution raises many hard questions about the common point of view that we are a product of chance, from the origin of life to the evolution of the species. Those holding this view should objectively consider the facts in light of the recent scientific breakthroughs presented by Ralph Muncaster.” —Roger C. Wiends, PhD, A Space Physicist in Charge of Spacecraft Instruments at Los Alamos National Laboratories

“The dismantling of Darwinian evolution is long overdue, and Ralph Muncaster shows how intelligent design is dismantling this outdated dogma. This book will be particularly helpful to the general reader looking for an easily accessible introduction to intelligent design.” —Dr. William Dembski, author of Intelligent Design: The Bridge Between Science and Theology

“Researcher Ralph Muncaster admirably communicates the latest and most compelling evidences for intelligent design from a wide range of scientific disciplines, explaining why it’s only a matter of time before the scientific community at large will have no choice but to reject naturalism.” —Dr. Fasale Rana, Biochemist

Book Jacket:

Muncaster investigates evolution and natural selection by thoroughly examining Darwin’s theory. In straightforward, easy–to–understand language, he reviews gaps in the fossil record and points out Darwin’s reservations about his own theory. Muncaster presents theories that counter evolution and offers scientific support for intelligent design. He also reports the reasons why many scientists now believe in creationism and notes that the theory is still being taught in schools even though evidence refutes its validity.