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Trade Paperback
150 pages
Jan 2011
J7 Ministries

Time for God

by Joe Luna

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In Time for God, Joe Luna explains how to lead a more productive life. In our culture, the overwhelming amount of information and choices can distract us from our purpose in Christ. To counteract this, Luna gives nine steps for how to make the most of our time on earth.

Luna makes a bold promise in the first chapter. He writes to his reader that if he will complete the book and its exercises that “you will become twice as productive as you are right now.” It seems Luna is so confident because he has seen this transformation in his own life.

At one time, Luna was a multi-million dollar sales manager for two New York Times best-selling authors. He gave it all up when he heard God calling him into the ministry. Luna’s earnestness comes through in his writing, as he coaches others to find purpose in life, as he has.

A few key topics Luna focuses on in his book are organization, reduction, and completion. One lesson that convicted me was about multi-tasking. Luna encourages us to focus on one thing at a time. As an illustration, he describes a movie theater where we are totally focused on the sights and sounds of the movie. We need to eliminate the interruptions and distractions, so we can focus on what is truly important.

This book would be well suited for individual study. The text is very instructional with little narrative. Because of this, it took me some time to process the lessons and to complete the exercises. Luna often refers to passages of Scripture, but they are not written out in the book. Anyone reading this would need to have a Bible ready as a reference. I would recommend this book to any Christian seeking a purposeful, productive life. Though this is not quick reading, the wisdom enclosed could be life transforming. – Melinda Zurcher,

Book Jacket:

With God’s inspiration and a willing hand, anything is possible. Are you looking to gain God’s clarity and direction for your life? Want help connecting the principles of scripture with your day-to-day schedule? Would you like to avoid the many traps that keep people busy tending their garden instead of sharing the harvest? In nine action-inspiring chapters, Time for God will help you do all that and more . . .

The pages combine to form a Christian handbook on biblical productivity. It wasn’t created for everyone. It doesn’t overemphasize works over faith, but it also doesn’t spoon feed any sluggards. If you can honestly answer the questions above then the thought and action provoking questions at the end of each chapter will compel your life to a greater faith in Jesus Christ.