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Trade Paperback
368 pages
May 2011
Believers Press

Trigger: A Novel on the Revelation

by Hon Hoh

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The Trigger by Hon Hoh is based on the book of Revelation, portraying the events of the Tribulation. Josh, Yang, and Scott are sent on a mission from God to evangelize the last city before the Second Coming. The men are forced to face hardships and trials in order to pursue Godís will.

Hon Hoh creates a riveting and intense image of what the Tribulation may resemble. It begins in the year 2035 after the angels have blown the fourth trumpet mentioned in Revelation 9. Hon provides a modern visualization of what Revelation is about. Josh, Yang, and Scott are interconnected believers who have been chosen by God to live out His plan. Even though the devil tries to defeat Godís plan and people by ordering the execution of believers, they rise again after death to rejoin the Lord, and those still alive are filled with the Holy Spirit and are given courage to stand for what they believe in.

This in-depth chain of events takes place before the rapture, reviewing what is to come as described in Revelation. The antichrist has begun his battle. The UN has been replaced by a larger and more powerful union in which the antichrist (the French President) has managed to gain control. Christians have been persecuted and killed, diseases have begun to run rampant, and death is close at hand. Only believers are saved from the demons causing disease, but it has not saved them from the hand of Satan. Worldwide, Christians have been forced underground, but that hasnít stopped the spread of the message. Josh is a pastor in America who has been sent a message to witness to Yangon, the trigger city. He is accompanied by Yang, a recent convert and head of the Ministry of State Security in China, and Scott, who lives in Australia and is Joshís faithful friend. The men risk their lives and the wrath of the antichrist to evangelize the people of Yangon.

Before he was called to reach out and witness beyond his own community and to other countries, Josh led a large church. Yang has been opened to the loving forgiveness of Christ and shows the strength of his faith by working for the Lord in a country where Christians are persecuted. Scott had a vision of the rally that Josh has been called to lead, and he knows how the end might all play out, but he wonít tell Josh what he has seen. These men work together to reach the lost, and they will do anything and everything to get the message of the Savior out to trigger the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. They must not fail.

The Trigger is a fast-paced, modern take on the Tribulation. It describes what our world may soon be like and gives us an understanding of the message of Revelation. This book is for those who would like a deeper understanding and insight on prophecy. Ė Emily Schwendinger,

Book Jacket:

Do each of us play a role in the kingdom of God?† Can the choices we make affect Godís timing of future events?† Hon Hoh examines these questions while taking his readers on a riveting adventure in The Trigger: A Novel on the Revelation.† Through twists and turns, readers will be led on a powerful journey.†

The Trigger follows three individuals (a pastor, a spy, and a missionary) from three continents (the United States, China, and Australia) who find their lives merged in a single divine purpose: to win the last unreached people group on earth and usher in the Second Coming of Christ.† They must succeed in order to release the trigger for the return of the Lamb as declared in Matthew 24:14.

In their way stands a legion of demonic principalities intent on destroying the plan.† Against the backdrop of unprecedented persecution and the onslaught of cataclysmic events, they must remain steadfast in order to carry out the priority revealed to them by God.† It is evident that no believer will escape the greatest tribulation in human history and that only the matchless return of the King can deliver mankind from evilís reign.