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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Nov 2005
Warner Faith

The World According to Narnia: Christian Meaning in C. S. Lewis's Beloved Chronicles

by Jonathan Rogers

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The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis have never been out of print, and for as long as they’ve been in print, writers and speakers and teachers have been explicating them. In The World According to Narnia: Christian Meaning in C. S. Lewis’ Beloved Chronicles, Jonathan Rogers adds his voice to the long line of others who have discussed Christian meaning in the works Lewis is best known for.

Rogers clearly has a grasp of Lewis’ major themes and ideas, and he understands Lewis’ intentions in writing The Chronicles. Rogers points out Christian ideology, including: self-sacrifice, the nature of sin, the concept of atonement, and the nature of faith. He also explores what it means to have a right relationship with God. One notable perception he shares is the concept of discovering our true selves when in the presence of Christ. Rogers is absolutely right in noting, “Lewis uses fantasy to talk about the real world because it takes imagination to see what’s true and real in this world too. The very basis of the Christian life is the ability to stand outside this world and see that this isn’t all there is.” Thus, he underscores the value of The Chronicles.

Though Rogers makes Christian thought in The Chronicles of Narnia accessible to the average reader, he has not said anything that has not already been said. He references the work of Paul Ford and Kathryn Lindskoog, but surprisingly omits other seminal studies like those of Peter Schakel, Walter Hooper, David Downing, Martha Sammons, and Colin Manlove. More than thirty books have been written about The Chronicles of Narnia--do we really need another one? The reader who would be a student of Lewis should first read and reread The Chronicles for himself and then look to the aforementioned scholars. -- Dr. Pamela L. Jordan, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In The World According to Narnia, Jonathan Rogers takes you further up and further into the imaginative world of C. S. Lewis, helping you to view our world in the way that Narnia invites you to view itself. Readers will be captivated by the masterful way Rogers shows how the story lines and characters from Narnia sing with biblical truth.

The particular magic of The Chronicles of Narnia is their ability to awaken the reader to the imaginative possibilities that have been in the Gospel all along. It is the imagination that translates the facts of the Gospel to the will and desires of the believer. That's how The Chronicles of Narnia do their work on you; you can hardly help but desire what is good and true. You can hardly help but feel that a life of virtue and adventure is something you don't want to miss.

Whether you're new to the Chronicles, it's been a while, or you've just finished The Last Battle, this book will expand your understanding and appreciation for C. S. Lewis's beloved classics.