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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Sep 2005
Time Warner/Warner Faith

Sister Freaks: Stories of Women Who Gave Up Everything for God

by Rebecca St. James

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For the young women in Sister Freaks by Rebecca St. James, the "audience of one" is God. St. James and the other writers describe sixty women, some from history, others contemporary, from all over the world who have committed their lives to Jesus. Many are contemporary and young: missionaries, an Olympic athlete, a single mother, college students who are reaching out to others, and women who live under persecution in other lands. A few are women from the past: Mary, the mother of Jesus, martyrs of the early church Perpetua and Felicitas, missionary Amy Carmichael, and Martin Luther's wife Katherine von Bora.

The authors have organized this book as a devotional for girls and young women, though it's enjoyable for older women, too. It is an answer to the book, Jesus Freaks. Each section contains five inspiring stories of women, which end with a scriptural passage that applies to each woman's life. The stories average about five pages--a short enough account that young readers will not feel overwhelmed. The section ends with a page of thought-provoking questions encouraging the reader to evaluate her life and walk with Christ. In a few cases, having dates earlier in the story would help the reader place the account, but most of those are contemporary. Also, Crystal Woodman's account has a few time problems related to how long her spiritual struggles went on, but the overall account is clear.

The vignettes of the women's lives are well-written, inspiring, and enjoyable. The authors did not choose celebrities to profile, instead portraying pro-life volunteers, martyrs, missionaries, an Olympic champion, and others with spiritual depth. The stories encourage girls to overcome society's pressures by giving their lives to Christ.

Sister Freaks would be a great mother-daughter devotional with junior high girls and up, a homeschooling devotional for families with girls, or a personal devotional. I could see it used in Sunday school classes for girls with some additional work on the part of the teacher.

Grammy and Dove award-winning singer and author, Rebecca St. James, leads the list of writers. Mary E. DeMuth, Elizabeth Jusino, Tracey D. Lawrence, Leigh McLeroy, and Donna Wallace complete the writing line-up.

If you know a Christian girl from junior high through early adulthood who is struggling with the world's allure, get her this book. It is excellent. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Around the world, every day, young women are boldly putting themselves forth as believers-regardless of the cost. Sometimes they suffer for it, but they never waver in their conviction that God has called them to serve Him. They are confident. They are committed. They are…


"Sister Freaks." These are words that evoke strong images-images of extreme faith…of radical devotion…of sacrifice and triumph. They are life-changing words. And they are at the core of the stories related within these pages. Here you will meet both contemporary women and historical figures from around the world-from Joan of Arc to a Midwest high school student to an Olympic athlete. But whether the account is of a historical heroine or a woman of today like you, the stories are always inspiring. Their goal: to demonstrate to you that living radically for God can change your life, whether halfway around the world or in your hometown.

SISTER FREAKS is divided into twelve weeks. Each week contains profiles of inspiring women, thought-provoking questions, and space for journaling. Become empowered as you read about these very real and godly role models in whose footsteps you can follow. Become a Sister Freak!