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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Jun 2006
Warner Faith

A Sounding Brass

by Shelley Bates

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In the novel A Sounding Brass by Shelley Bates, Claire Montoya realizes that things arenít always what they seem to be. The church she attends in Hamilton Falls, Washington, is very strict: she is only allowed to wear black, and she cannot date anyone who is not a member of her church. However, her lifestyle as she has always known it begins to change when mistakes made by the leaders of the church are exposed and Luke Fisher, a charming man who recently took over the local radio station, encourages them to revise their traditions. The church embraces his radical ideas, but he does not fool Investigator Ray Harper of the Organized Crime Task Force. Lukeís deceptive charm and the beauty and faith of Claire quickly attract Rayís interest. As Claire begins to fall for Ray, she, too, realizes that Luke isnít quite as perfect as she originally thought. She must decide for herself what is right and genuine, and what is wrong and artificial.

The novel emphasizes the importance of having faith and following God rather than just having a religion and obeying rules. Christ died for everyone, and readers, along with Claire, are reminded that their relationship with Jesus is not about rules and regulations but about faith and love.

A Sounding Brass is full of anticipation due to dramatic irony and a developing relationship, making it an exciting and entertaining book. The interaction between characters is well-developed and believable. The characters are depicted well and are easy to relate to. Their thoughts often add humor to the story, making it an excellent book all around. Women, especially those in their twenties and early thirties, will enjoy reading it. -- Andrea Cathreen Burns, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Award-winning author Shelley Bates pens the story of a sheltered young woman torn between a magnetic leader and the man out to discredit him.

Claire Montoya is drawn to handsome Luke Fisher, radio evangelist, and goes to work as his bookkeeper. Although she initially enjoys taking part in Luke's vision for the community, she begins to realize that certain things about this powerful personality don't add up. Complicating matters, investigator Ray Harper is hanging around the studio, asking disturbing questions--and making an impression of his own on young Claire. Who is right: the nationally known evangelist or the suspicious cop? And more important, to whom can Claire trust her heart?