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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Jul 2004
Warner Faith

When the Fairy Dust Settles

by Janet Parshall & Sarah Perry

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Once upon a time, a mother and her firstborn daughter partnered to write a book. The mother, Janet Parshall, is the eloquent host of a nationally syndicated radio program and frequent spokesperson for conservative issues. With her accomplished daughter, Sarah, they have combined the magic of their experiences and wisdom in When The Fairy Dust Settles: A Mother and Her Daughter Discuss What Really Matters.

This is not a book for perfect people, but for those who have lived long enough to have their dreams trampled on by the “heavy boots of reality.” If you think you have the Midas touch and your goose is laying golden eggs, you probably won’t care to read this book. But those whose “fairy dust has settled” will enjoy this mother-daughter conversation. In light-hearted letters using fairy-tale and real-life examples, the authors take you from the heights of the castle down the road to where the real people live. They openly talk about some of the choices that present themselves along the way. What about plastic surgery? Debts? Gambling? Work?

Although mother and daughter sometimes gently disagree, they do agree that life is full of joy stealers while reaffirming their readers’ identity (“daughters of the most High and glorious King”) and destination (“a magnificent mansion, located in the city on a hill”). While that message brings some comfort, the message of the law—“live rightly”—appears to be the prominent message of the book. The message of grace—that Jesus Christ has already gained complete victory against our foes by His perfect suffering, death and resurrection—is hinted at, but not spelled out by the authors. Weary princesses may gain wisdom from When The Fairy Dust Settles, but should be cautioned that “the power to break the ‘spell’ that has bewitched mankind” is God’s alone and has been accomplished through His Son, Jesus Christ. He has already fought the battle against the giants that prevail against us—and has won. His victory is ours! -- Susan Hammond, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The host of the daily radio show "Janet Parshall's America"--a voice of reason and authority on Christian values in modern times--and her daughter answer common questions about life in today's culture for this enlightening guide to living a Christian life in an often complicated world.