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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Mar 2004
Warner Faith


by Robert L. Wise

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“Robert L. Wise portrays family life with ongoing fears and challenges during the post-rapture era in Wired, the fourth in his Tribulation Survival series. The Peck family is put into emotional turmoil when the father of the family balks at the idea of being forced into creating ‘nano-robots’ that will help the government take over the world.

“This book is an odd balance of viciousness and tenderness. For example, early in the plot one very loved and highly respected female is ‘taken out’ in a graphic way. However, throughout the remainder of the novel the memory of her dedication to and love for the family in this story works to encourage them on a continual basis.

“Wise does not spend a lot of time describing the physical appearances of his characters. Instead, he uses their dialogue and their decisions and actions as the defining elements of their personalities. Robert Peck, the book's central character, enjoys the creative aspects of his job, but nothing comes before the importance of holding his family together. In fact, it is this unshakeable bond that ultimately saves lives and propels the story's action.

“Naturally, this book is pure speculation as to what life will be like after the rapture. Though biblically based, it is not a clone of the Left Behind series. Here, in book four, people are still wondering, ‘Where did everyone go?’ but they are learning to cope with their current ordeal. The book has narrative drive that will keep readers turning pages.” -- Judy Jackson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

One family's desperate fight for survival in a terrifying new world

Millions disappear in an instant. Terrorist attacks, random killings, and unbridled lawlessness soon follow…while a ruthless police state maintains order through nanotechnology and constant electronic surveillance. In this time of crisis, Graham and Jackie Peck struggle to hold their family together-no easy task with their oldest son away, their skeptical teenage daughter doubting everything they tell her, and their two school-age boys oblivious to the dangers threatening them night and day.

When the government develops nanorobots capable of seeking out individuals it deems "subversive," a radical group called the New Seekers welcomes the Pecks into their midst. But are they the pious and loving friends they appear to be or a dangerous cult bent on furthering their own agenda in a world gone mad? Graham and Jackie must discover the truth, knowing that the fate of their family-and everyone on Earth-hangs in the balance. And time is running out.