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304 pages
Sep 2009
Business Plus

Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone.

by Mitch Joel

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Mitch Joel boldly states, “Everyone is connected. Connect your business to everyone,” on the front cover of Six Pixels of Separation, and that’s exactly what the book helps the reader to do. His chosen means of connection is the internet. In simple, well-defined steps, Joel teaches how a business can expand and gain more customers by using various tools the internet has to offer.

As the president of Twist Image (a big digital marketing agency), Joel is one of the experts on the subject. As such, he has a lot to say, and most of it is great advice. At his best, he knows exactly what a business needs to do to improve itself and to get in touch with its customers, proving his points with incredible real-life stories and up-to-date statistics. Be aware that there is a single appearance of a mild swear word (some may not consider it one at all), a few instances of vague, unexplained pop-culture references, and an awkward tendency to refer to things that are cool as “sexy.”

It’s not a manual, it’s not all about business, and it’s anything but boring. The way he writes and the stories he tells are entertaining and sometimes hilarious. There are also many websites and tools given that can help anyone promote anything, even themselves. Joel has an interesting take on the meaning of an “online community,” and how important it is to everyone. While not really written from a Christian standpoint (and not from a non-Christian standpoint either), one could look at Psalm 133:1 as an example, as online communities are becoming more prevalent. “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

Regardless of any eccentricities or what some would consider poor diction, Mitch Joel delivers a powerful book filled with practical advice, tips, and instructions on how to make a small idea grow into a booming business. And, as he’s wont to repeat, most of it is extremely easy, and completely free. Six Pixels of Separation is absolutely a must-read for anyone in any sort of business, or even just for informational purposes. – Matt Maine,

Book Jacket:

Is it important to be connected? Well, consider this: If Facebook were a country, it would have the sixth largest population in the world. The truth is, we no longer live in a world of six degrees of separation. In fact, we're now down to only six pixels of separation, which changes everything we know about doing business. This is the first book to integrate digital marketing, social media, personal branding, and entrepreneurship in a clear, entertaining, and instructive manner that everyone can understand and apply. Through the use of timely case studies and fascinating stories, SIX PIXELS OF SEPARATION offers a complete set of the latest tactics, insights, and tools that will empower you to reach a global audience and consumer base-and, best yet, you can do this pretty much for free. Digital marketing expert Mitch Joel unravels this fascinating world of new media-but does so with a brand-new perspective that is driven by compelling results. The smarter entrepreneurs and top executives are leveraging these digital channels to get their voice "out there"-connecting with others, becoming better community citizens, and, ultimately, making strategic business moves that are increasing revenue, awareness, and overall success in the marketplace-without the support of traditional mass media. Everyone is connected. Isn't it time for you and your company to connect to everyone? SIX PIXELS OF SEPARATION will show you how.