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176 pages
Dec 1969
Warner Faith

A Treasury of Miracles for Friends: True Stories of God's Presence Today

by Karen Kingsbury

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“A Treasury of Miracles for Friends by Karen Kingsbury is filled with stories that show how God can create miracles through the interaction of friends caring for each other. These stories are inspiring, uplifting, and often quite amazing. Anyone needing to feel the touch of God, desiring a sense of heavenly protection, or wanting to grow spiritually will be encouraged by this book. Kingbury's basic premise is that people need to remember that they always have a friend in Jesus, but that Christ can often bring other friends into their lives as mentors, advisers, buddies, companions, and prayer partners.

“The stories found in this book are part of a series of books about miracles, including such previous titles as One Tuesday Morning and Ocean's Apart. The writing style is open and inviting and the stories cover a wide range of incidents and challenges. Each time you finish a story, you are inclined to say a prayer of thanks to the Lord for the good friends He has brought into your life.” -- Cyndi Lee, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A small plane suddenly loses power high above a lake...a grieving man buys a gun for a terrible purpose...a car is swept toward a precipice by a flash flood.... Sometimes no power on earth is great enough to heal the hurt or rescue us from harm. But the most unlikely events can bring us into God's territory when a friend is there to take our hand and lead the way.

Inspirational author Karen Kingsbury has gathered together real-life stories of friends who are there for us because they want to be, not because they have to be...and are there for us in the darkest hour when a loving God answers a cry for help in ways no one can explain...

    • The Most Friends of All. In high school he sits alone with his Bible and without a single friend...or so he thinks until he falls desperately ill and discovers a stunning truth.

    • In the Nick of Time. High on a utility pole, a young man is unaware that certain death is quickly approaching. Then a lost friend, miles away, does something inexplicable.

    • Miracle of Love. A lonely Down's Syndrome child joins the school track team hoping for acceptance from his classmates. Now he's about to begin a race no one will ever forget.

    • Back Together Again. When an inner voice urges a mall shopper to follow a teen who is being abducted, she is heading toward danger and a meeting with a friend that can only be called...miraculous.

These uplifting stories illustrate that true friendship gives us love and laughter, compassion and understanding. And when life sends a challenge we can't meet alone, God gives us a friend just when we need one most.