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180 pages
Jul 2003
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There's No Such Thing As Business Ethics

by John C. Maxwell

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"A persuasive, inspiring, and greatly needed message!" -- Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"My momma taught me to treat others the way I want them to treat me, and according to "There's No Such Thing As 'Business' Ethics by John C. Maxwell, people everywhere should listen to momma. Just reading headlines today about corporate scandals demonstrates how far we've moved from valuing ethics in business. And as Maxwell points out, most businesspeople think they have to choose between acting ethically and being successful. Not so, says Maxwell. He asserts that "companies that are dedicated to doing the right thing...are more profitable than those who don't."

"The Golden Rule, which is the basis of Maxwell's ethics, is easy to understand, universal, and a win-win for all. In the book, he provides fitting real-world examples and offers advice on how to apply this simple rule to make profound changes in your life. Maxwell is well positioned to write such a guidebook, given his experience consulting business leaders and having friends in high places (many of whom he quotes). And although the Golden Rule is biblical, Maxwell seems to intentionally minimize his spiritual roots to appeal to a broader audience. Overall, the book theme is consistent with and encouraging to the Christian worldview of putting others first, and he frames success as not chasing gold, but the Golden Rule. I recommend it to all audiences, but especially Christians in the workplace who need a pep talk and who may think success only comes with ethical compromises." -- Stacy Oliver, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

How does a person judge what is ethical? Sometimes it's clear. You know Enron's leaders were in the wrong. But is it always easy to see where the line is in your life? What's the standard? And can it work in all situations? John C. Maxwell thinks it can. When the New York Times best-selling author, successful businessman, and former pastor was asked about his thoughts on business ethics, his response was, 'There's no such thing. There's only ethics.'

Maxwell asserts there's one ethical standard for all behavior. And you might be surprised by what it's based on. Did you know that a variation of the Golden Rule exists in every major religion? In There's No Such Thing as Business Ethics, Maxwell shows how people can live with integrity by using the Golden Rule as their standard-regardless of religion, culture, or circumstances. Along the way, he delves into the desires of the human heart, reveals the five most common causes that get people off track ethically, and teaches how to develop the Midas touch when it comes to integrity.