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256 pages
Oct 2007
Berkley Books

A Christmas Visitor (Cape Light #8)

by Thomas Kincade & Katherine Spencer

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Three families are forever changed by A Christmas Visitor when Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer revisit Cape Light in their eighth novel for the series.

Molly Willoughby Harding, a newly successful business owner and mother/stepmother to three teens, must come to terms with an unexpected pregnancy. An amnesiac man under Miranda Potter's care prompts her to evaluate her life, her hopes, and her dreams for the future. And when Reverend Ben discovers a beautiful and mysterious statue of an angel in his church basement, the entire community is touched by inspiration and healing.

Set in a New England harbor town, Cape Light is alive with vivid imagery. The reader feels all the sensations of December in this quaint community, as though having stepped into one of Kinkade’s beautiful paintings. From Potter’s orchard in the country to the picturesque shops and landmarks in the village, the reader is transported to a warm and delightful new world.

Molly, Miranda, and Ben are all incredibly-human characters. A remarried divorcee who is less than enthused about a new baby’s imposition on her life, Molly is likeable because she is so real. Miranda is relatable as the reader watches her fumble her way through romantic and career decisions in what is sometimes a confusing and painful process. And, as one would hope, Reverend Ben doesn’t have all the answers when it comes down to faith and skepticism. These are people the reader might know in reality, flawed and yet admirable in the way they strive to learn from their mistakes.

Though it is linked to a series, A Christmas Visitor can easily stand alone. Having never read its predecessors, I had no problem picking up the characters and plots. In fact, being unfamiliar with the series, I had no idea the first seven books existed until after I had finished this book. The captivating setting, authentic characters, and the three diverse storylines held my interest and kept me turning pages until the neatly tied-up ending. And though this need not be a seasonal tale, faith, hope, and joy are the spirit of this captivating story. Recommended for women in all stages and walks of life: single, divorced, career-driven, mothers… there is something here for everyone. -- Stacie Roth Miller, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Christmas comes again to the little town of Cape Light.

Molly Willoughby-Harding has a beautiful home, a husband, family, and friends, and a blossoming new business-so why is she unhappy? Just as her life is starting to take off, she's pregnant again-and she's going to have to confront her previous notions of what she truly needs to be happy, in order to recapture that elusive Christmas spirit...

Meanwhile, Miranda Potter has found an injured man who's lost his memory. As she nurses him back to health an unexpected attraction develops. Can Miranda let uncertainty back into her life just as things finally start making sense?

And when Reverend Ben finds a wooden angel statue, word spreads that it holds miraculous powers, turning his peaceful church into a tourist attraction-and making it seem more of a burden then a blessing. But what he discovers is that he's given the people of Cape Light the best Christmas gift of all.