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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Nov 2004
Steeple Hill

The Winter Pearl

by Molly Noble Bull

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The rugged weather and brash stage robbers of 1888 in Colorado are the least of Honor McCall’s worries. Running from a cruel and lecherous uncle, Honor is temporarily working at a boarding house owned by a kind preacher’s mother, all the while anticipating her pursuer at any moment. And although she has difficulty trusting, Jeth’s openness and caring gentleness toward Honor cause emotionally cathartic changes in her life.

The Winter Pearl by Molly Noble Bull is more than a lovely romance with endearing characters; Ms. Bull challenges the reader to consider the cost of forgiveness and to remember that nothing is impossible to our Lord. The main theme is not the growing attachment of two young lovers, but the unconditional love available to those who follow Jesus, and ultimately others touched by His followers.

In her truly inspiring story, Ms. Bull impresses readers with the importance of forgiveness and reliance on God, which is the greatest love story of all. – Anne Walker, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In 1888, Colorado was a dangerous place for a girl on the run. But Honor McCall had to take her chances to escape from her cruel, drunken uncle and start a new life. She never imagined that she'd be rescued by a handsome young minister, or find a place to call home in his church.

It was more than she deserved, more than she could ever repay. So how could she stay on--accepting charity while living a lie, hiding the truth about the danger that stalked her, hiding the love in her heart for a man who might never return her feelings?

She had to leave, the sooner the better, but she just couldn't seem to go--and then Christmas brought a special miracle. . .