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Trade Paperback
19 pages
Oct 2012

Pirate in Training

by Karen Poth

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Ahoy there, Buckos! Hereís another VeggieTales story just for beginning readers, Pirate in Training by Karen Poth. When the tired Veggie Pirates hear knocking at the shipís door, they think it might be a cow bringing lunch or even Spaceman Stan. However, it turns out to be Junior Asparagus who is tired of school and wants to stay aboard and be a pirate just like Pa Grape, Larry, and Mr. Lunt. Now the pirates have a real problem on their hands Ė how to convince Junior that school is better than pirating.

Author Karen Pothís witty, simply-told tale will keep readers moving from page to page and give them some good reasons for taking learning seriously. The inimitable VeggieTales illustrations, full of eye-catching exuberance and color, assist the narrative and keep the readers entranced. Pirate in Training provides a good way to consider Godís plan for the individual life and is recommended for all new readers. Ė Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

A lesson about following Godís plan. Junior has a plan. He wants to quit school. He wants to be a pirate. But Juniorís pirate friends remind him that there is more to life than fun Ö and God already has a plan for Junior!