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Trade Paperback
32 pages
Oct 2009

Jed and Roy McCoy, A Christmas Story

by Andrew McDonough

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In a series of biblical parody stories called Cecil and Friends, the book Jed and Roy McCoy: A Christmas Story continues the silly interpretations of well-known Bible tales. In this latest episode, two brothers who are Jewish sheepherders (who for some unknown reason have Scottish names), have distrusted each other for 30 years. Each feels the other has stolen sheep from him, when, in reality, the sheep have died of natural causes (one being struck by lightning). Only one day each year do the brothers put aside their hatred and have a nice meal together in a party atmosphere. During one such event, an angel comes to tell them that a baby has been born who will bring peace to the whole world. The brothers run away to see the baby Jesus (shown abandoned by his parents for some unexplained reason), and instantly they decide to live in love and trust for the rest of their lives. Well...okay, I guess.

All of the stories in this series are outlandish, exaggerated, and very, very, very loosely based on Bible tales. As comical entertainment for children and possible discussion starters, they are somewhat functional, but certainly not as accurate portrayals of stories found in Scripture. Ė Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Jed and Roy McCoy have been fighting for years, but when the angels come to announce the birth of a special baby they realize that whatever they were fighting about isnít as important as the peace on earth that Jesus will bring. Read this Christmas story for the whole family, based on Luke 2:8-20, and find out!