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Saddle Stitched
32 pages
Oct 2009

Zac the Taxman

by Andrew McDonough

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Zac the Taxman by Andrew McDonough is a whimsical retelling of Luke 19:1-10, the story of Zacchaeus. The book prints the actual Bible story on the inside cover (NIV version) and prior to that presents a comical updated parody of the original version. In this kids' version, Zacchaeus is introduced as a short child name "Zac," who never gets picked for sports teams and is only allowed to keep score. This helps him become a master of numbers, and soon he is doing the math homework for all the other students, but charging them for his services. When he grows up, he uses his math skills to become a tax agent, and because he is angry at the people who used to ignore him or tease him, he overcharges them and becomes wealthy, although hated. Then one day Jesus comes to town, and Zac climbs high in a tree to see over the crowd. Jesus is not like the mean people who used to ostracize Zac. Instead, he chooses Zac, which makes him so happy that he gives back the money to everyone he cheated and then invites everyone to his house for lunch with himself and Jesus.

Because this is not along the exact lines of the Bible story, there are hints and suggestions to parents at the back of the book for making the point of the story obvious to young readers. The key lesson is that Jesus wants to be friends with everyone, not just the popular people, and his friendship and love and change the hearts and minds of individuals. It's a cute story, and it does have a simple, but good lesson. – Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Feeling left out? Struggling to fit in? Then you can relate to Jesus’ friend Zac.

He’s a local taxman with issues… not very many people like him.

Based on the New Testament story of Zacchaeus, readers learn that when you become a friend of Jesus your whole life changes!