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Saddle Stitched
32 pages
Oct 2009

Jonah's Story

by Andrew McDonough

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One of the books in the offbeat Cecil & Friends series of children's picture books by Andrew McDonough, Jonah's Story is equally bizarre and loose in its retelling of the ancient story. The story shows Jonah living in a nice modern home, when one day the postman brings him a letter from God saying to go to the evil city of Nineveh and preach to the people (and "P.S. Don't forget to take your toothbrush"). Jonah is supposed to bring a specific message to the evil people: "Stop being nasty--or else. Love, from God." Instead, Jonah gets on a politically correct boat, where the sailors are Africans and females and whites, and he heads to Tarshish. God sends a storm and the crew tosses Jonah into the water, where he is swallowed by a giant fish with a friendly smile. While there, as punishment, Jonah is not allowed to watch television or read books. Finally, the fish throws up, and Jonah lands on an island, where he receives another letter from God. This time Jonah does as he is told and the people of Nineveh repent. This only makes Jonah mad, so he sulks under a nice shade tree. His attitude bothers God, so God sends a worm to eat the tree, thus teaching Jonah to be grateful for all the good he has in his life. The end. Okay, yes, it is whacky and exaggerated and very liberal in its retelling of what is presented in Scripture. However, taken as entertainment, or as a starting point to talk with children about obedience to God, it's kind of a cute story with bright cartoonish drawings. Parental notes are provided in the back of the book as guides on how to enhance the meaning of the story for children. Ė Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Why would God send anyone to help those nasty Ninevites? God knows Jonah is the best man for the job!

Read about Godís belief in a reluctant prophet, boats, storms, worms, and a really big fish that swallows people in this story based on the Old Testament Book of Jonah.