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Saddle Stitched
32 pages
Jan 2010

Jesus and the Children

by Andrew McDonough

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Jesus and the Children by Andrew McDonough is yet another book in the Cecil & Friends series of outlandish fantasy tales loosely based on biblical stories. This episode is from Mark 10:13-16. It opens with Jesus, dressed in robes and having a beard and long hair, teaching his disciples who are dressed in sport coats, sunglasses, sandals, and t-shirts and sporting tattoos and shaggy beards. As they talk, a mom tries to bring her baby to Jesus, but the disciples make her sit on a park bench and stay away from Jesus. Next, two young girls come running toward Jesus, but the disciples say that Jesus only has time for adults, so the girls need to sit with the mom and her baby. Finally, a boy rolls up on a skateboard, asking to speak to Jesus, but he, too, is told to go sit on the sidelines because Jesus only has time to talk to adults.

Suddenly, Jesus gets very mad and yells loudly, "What do you think you're doing? Don't stop the children from coming to me! God's kingdom is for kids!" And with that, Jesus hugs and blesses the children (except for the boy, who isn't into hugs). The disciples then learn to have fellowship with people of all ages.

As with all Cecil & Friends books, this story has large-faced and large-bodied drawings of characters, with a lot of bright colors. A biblical reference page at the end of the book helps to guide parents in how to help the youngsters draw biblical wisdom from the story. – Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Jesus’ friends get upset when a bunch of children come to see Jesus after he’s been teaching all day and is tired. Jesus rebukes his friends and invites the children to spend time with him. Kids will enjoy learning how much God loves them in Jesus and the Children based on Mark 10:13-16.