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32 pages
Jan 2011

Princess Joy's Birthday Blessing

by Jacqueline Johnson

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A lesson in humility and friendship is taught in the children's picture book Princess Joy's Birthday Blessings by Jeanna Young and Jacqueline Johnson, one of five books in the series called The Princess Parables. In this story, the usually upbeat and optimistic Princess Joy is emotionally crushed when all the princesses and princes of other kingdoms turn down an invitation to attend her birthday party. Joy's father, the king, tells her the party will go on, even if only Joy's sisters are in attendance. To insure that it will be a grander event, invitations are sent to all the people of the kingdom--farm children, workers, trades people, and craftsmen. On the big day, dozens of people arrive, and all are carrying personal gifts such as hand-painted pictures, pet animals, or good things to eat. The children play games, watch puppet shows, and eat birthday cake. In a spirit of magnanimity, Princess Joy gives her presents away to the poorer children in attendance at her party. It turns out to be the best birthday she has ever had.

Luke 14:12-14 is quoted in the back of the book, explaining that celebrations should include those who are handicapped or poor. Also, a letter from Princess Joy to young readers explains the blessings of being kind to other people. The book's artwork is vibrant with bright colors and the words are not too difficult for young readers. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

What will Princess Joy do when no one accepts her invitation to a grand birthday party? Find out how this setback challenges the true hearts of the princesses. Appealing to "royalty" and non-royalty alike, this story gives a fresh and frilly perspective on Jesus' parable of the banquet.