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Trade Paperback
352 pages
May 2009

Nightmare's Edge (Echoes from the Edge, Book 3)

by Bryan Davis

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The final installment of Bryan Davis’ epic Echoes from the Edge series is here! In Nightmare’s Edge, Nathan Shepherd travels through dream dimensions to find his father and Kelly Clark and, hopefully, stop the three dimensions from colliding. He must also avoid the stalker Mictar, discern the purpose of a mysterious girl called Felicity in the dream world, keep himself from becoming a dream, decide who his friends and enemies are, and figure out his own limitations. Every decision he makes affects the future of mankind, and for Nathan and all of mankind time is running out.

While God is not often overtly mentioned in Nightmare’s Edge, He is clearly the center of the characters’ worlds. The plot is a captivating one, whether the reader has read its predecessors or not. The story is a unique blend of God, music, technology, and action, which are expertly combined into a masterpiece the reader will find engrossing.

The characters themselves are well developed, and each goes through growth as the story progresses. There is a character who often references popular movies, which comes across as slightly unprofessional and throws off the mood, though it might have been an attempt to make the story more realistic by relating it to pieces of culture the reader will recognize. However, as the reader gets used to this and begins to accept it as part of the character, it becomes less disruptive. The characters in general are realistic, and incur the proper responses from the reader. The characters the reader should love are lovable, whereas the characters the reader should loathe and fear fulfill expectations as well. There are a few characters on whom it is hard to form an opinion until the end, and that is also how it should be.

The writing itself is not always neat and clear, but the concepts themselves are so captivating that the occasional weak writing is not a hindrance to enjoying the overall story. I would especially recommend this book for Christian teenagers looking for a clean but intense fantasy book. – Rebekah R. Blomenberg,

Book Jacket:

In the final installment in the Echoes from the Edge series, the three Earths are headed towards imminent destruction, and only Nathan’s father knows the secret to saving billions of people from the celestial collision. But he is trapped in a dream world where nightmares are reality and the collapse of the cosmos is at hand.

When Kelly sacrifices herself on Nathan's behalf during a rescue mission gone bad, Nathan is faced with two formidable tasks: save Kelly, and repair the cosmic fabric before the three dimensions collide. With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, and the murderous stalker Mictar dogging his steps, Nathan must save the three Earths … or risk everything trying.