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32 pages
Jul 2011

Shoebox Sam

by Mary Brigid Barrett

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Hold on to your shoes Ė this morality tale is so enjoyable you and your young listeners are going to dance with the characters in Shoebox Sam. Jesse and his little sister Delia love to go visit Shoebox Sam at his shoe shop. Delia loves the pink ballet slippers that hang on Samís wall. Both children like to help Sam with his shoeboxes. What is in them? Just wait till the first needy customer comes through the door! Sam has used, refurbished shoes, and respect and love for anyone who needs them. We get to meet several of these customers and help Delia and Jesse help them. Those ballet slippers? Delia is going to have a memorable adventure as they carry out a very special commission.

Some stories are so basically Christian they donít need to have the point explained or Scripture poured into them. Shoebox Sam is one of these stories. Nationally acclaimed artist and winner of the Coretta Scott King award, Frank Morrison fills every page from side to side and top to bottom with color, motion, and enjoyment. Noted author and editor Mary Barrett obviously loved writing this story. Warmth, humor, great characterization, and satisfying plot resolution make Shoebox Sam unforgettable. This is a wonderful book for reading out loud, dramatizing, and individual enjoyment, as well as an adjunct to reading curriculum. Your school, church, and home library needs this book! Ė Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

Shoebox Sam, written by author Mary Brigid Barrett, conveys to readers the importance of loving and respecting one another. Throughout the day all kinds of people step through the doors of Samís shoe store, but when he is asked to give away one of his most prized possessions, he does so with a loving kindness that can only point readers to the giving heart of God.