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40 pages
Sep 2009

Saying Grace: A Prayer of Thanksgiving

by Virginia Kroll & Timothy Ladwig

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Virginia Kroll's historically based Saying Grace: A Prayer for Thanksgiving is a children's picture book that youngsters 4 to 7 year old will relate well to. Set in colonial America, it reveals the challenges of bringing in a harvest big enough to help the families sustain themselves during the barren, cold, long winters. Artist Timothy Ladwig presents marvelous illustrations featuring autumnal colors, with splashes of gold, yellow, russet, brown, red, and tan. The glow of an indoor fire on the hearth, the bright setting sun in an October sky, and the brilliance of a field stacked with tall bunches of harvested hay all shine with fall coloring.

Grace, the story's main character, is a busy girl. She helps her mother mind the younger children, haul water from the creek, and prepare meals. She also does her homework at night and earns good grades in school for spelling. When her settlement learns that other settlements are holding a Thanksgiving banquet each autumn to celebrate a good year of crops and to thank God for his abundance, it's decided to hold such a feast. Grace and her girlfriends help prepare delicious pumpkin and apple pies, and their moms make main dishes of roasted pheasant and turkey. Grace gets asked to say the blessing before the main meal, and, thus, "saying grace" by Grace becomes a tradition in her family for nightly prayers.

This book begins by quoting Philippians 4:6, which relates to offering prayers "with thanksgiving" to God. Also featured are prayers and hymns from olden days. This is the kind of book that can be pulled out and re-read year after year as Thanksgiving approaches. It stresses family values, gratitude to the Lord, and an excitement for life. – Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

Find special mealtime prayers and Thanksgiving activities inside!

Grace’s mind was racing. What was that spelling word that meant ‘great generosity in giving’? She squeezed her eyes shut, and it came to her. Bounty. That was the word! Journey back in time with Grace and relive both the hardships and blessings along with her pioneer family.

Saying Grace tells the story of one girl and her discovery of the value of mealtime prayer at her family’s first Thanksgiving.