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32 pages
Oct 2009

Voices of Christmas

by Nikki Grimes

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Voices of Christmas by Nikki Grimes is a creative retelling of the birth of Christ that includes multiple "voices" of Christmas, each page highlighting a different character in the Christmas story. The headlines of each page are sections of Scripture, and then the story shares an inner-monologue from the character represented in Scripture. Examples include the angel Gabriel, a woman who sees Mary and Joseph leave for Bethlehem, the shepherds, the innkeeper, and King Herod.

The colors of the book often are dark greys, blues, or browns, which is effective when highlighting the morning star or the aura around the Christ child. The exception to this are the two pages devoted to Elizabeth, mother of John, which are vibrant and favor yellow, gold and white.

The story concludes focusing on "You" and includes the reader in the storytelling, encouraging him to identify with one of the people highlighted in the book. Beware, that while Scripture supports some of the monologues in the story, the majority are fictional and not actually found in the New Testament. The book is appropriate for the 4-7 age range. – Emily Moore,

Book Jacket:

Gabriel “paced the halls of heaven” as he memorized God’s message to Mary. He wondered what she would say.

The Christmas story unfolds, as never before, through the voices of those who witnessed the Messiah’s birth. Listen to Joseph’s struggle. Rejoice with Elizabeth and Zachariah. Worship with the magi. Hear the fear in Herod’s voice. Receive the blessing of Simeon and Anna.

And, like the shepherds, shout for joy!