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272 pages
Jun 2012

The Teavangelicals

by David Brody

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David Brody's The Teavangelicals is part history book and part political science book. The 2012 elections are on the horizon, and with radical liberal segments in the government, the Tea Party Movement has sprung up to lasso Washington back to its Judeo/Christian foundation. Chief Political Correspondent for CBN News and host of “The Brody File,” David Brody has penned the conservative Christian's guide to the Tea Party Movement.

Brody lays out the rudiments of the movement, including its organizational history, its leaders and key players, and the doctrinal stances it takes that are parallel to the beliefs of conservative Bible-believing Christians. Written much like his broadcast style (witty, peppy, fact-laden), The Teavangelicals is perfect for any individual who is a fan of Brady's show. For general readers, it presents a logical explanation of the agenda of the Tea Party, its past accomplishments, and its future goals. Gov. Mike Huckabee provides a guest foreword, and the book draws on quotes from other leading Tea Party advocates. – Leann Jordan Parker,

Book Jacket:

In his trademark, award-winning journalistic style, author David Brody introduces Americans to the history, issues, and main players of the Teavangelical movement. Through powerful and engaging stories, The Teavangelicals reveals the scope and magnitude of the movement and how the people of the movement aim to restore the American Dream to its original glory.