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Trade Paperback
304 pages
Oct 2011

Think Christianly

by Jonathan Morrow

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Think Christianly by Jonathan Morrow centers on Christian apologetics within our culture. Morrow emphasizes that our culture has major questions regarding ethics and who Jesus really was. He believes that the Christian church needs to engage that culture with a ready mind and a solid foundation of core beliefs. He suggests spending time on Sundays outside the sermon time to “talk about the truth of Christian worldview in the context of cultural moments” (p.133). Morrow writes Think Christianly to assist Christian churches in engaging today’s families, teens, college students, and business people.

Morrow has three main points: Christians should know the cultural background they witness in; they should have a solid knowledge of their faith; and should live like Christ on the outside, resulting from a change within the heart.

Think Christianly is divided into three sections. The first section discusses the intersection between the Christian faith and the American culture. This part focuses mainly on the intellectual questions about Jesus and the contemporary ethics that our culture has. According to Morrow, it is our duty to provide answers to those who are sincere seekers. The second section is designed to prepare the church and individual Christians to engage the culture through ministry, personal evangelism, and outreach works of mercy. The third section is Morrow’s advice on how to engage the culture in important areas such as sex and bioethics. In between each chapter, Morrow includes interviews with professors and apologists about the various issues he discusses in the book.

Jonathan Morrow is the founder of and the author of Is God Just a Human Invention? He obtained his MA at the Talbot School of Theology. He is a solid Christian who has co-authored or contributed to several books concerning Christianity and society.

Morrow’s chief point is that “the gospel is never heard in isolation; there is always a cultural background” (p.83). He uses Acts 17:16-23, the story of Paul in Athens with the idol to the unknown God, to illustrate how Christians should use logic and knowledge of the culture around them when they witness. This is the axis upon which the rest of Think Christianly turns.

Overall, Think Christianly is a well-written and highly-motivational book. The clear-cut sections make it easy on both the eyes and the mind. It is helpful and informative. But its informative side can also be considered its downfall. Sometimes the many statistics Morrow uses become a bit tedious and overwhelming. I think that pastors, study groups, and individuals would enjoy this book if they have an interest in reaching out more effectively to the people around them. The time it takes to read this intensive text is definitely worth it. – Joshua A. Spotts,

Book Jacket:

Think Christianly is about seizing the opportunities we have every day to speak the life Jesus offers into our culture. Tragically, many such opportunities pass us by unclaimed---either because we don't notice them or we have not prepared ourselves to enter into them. And those around us seem to grow increasingly unwilling to hear anything the church has to say. Jonathan Morrow helps church leaders envision and implement ways for their congregations to 'think Christianly' about contemporary questions and to speak in informed, engaging ways. Morrow explores many of the important issues that Christians often hear raised with regard to faith---questions about who Jesus was, the good and bad of religion, pain and evil in the world, the reliability of the Bible, sexuality and intimate relationships, and hope for change, among others. The life and faith issues that Think Christianly addresses lead to cultural moments where Christianity and contemporary culture intersect. This book will help churches take vital steps toward cultivating compassion and competence in speaking faithfully to a questioning world.