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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Mar 2011

A Kingdom Called Desire

by Rick McKinley

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Leading the readers deeper into their own hearts, A Kingdom Called Desire by Rick McKinley passes over the petty “how” questions and dives straight into the “why” questions. Perhaps you are tired of your dreams not matching reality. Well, if you’re exhausted from leaving one spiritual longing only to find another, this book is for you. Author Rick McKinley gut-honestly addresses issues that prevent us from satisfying our true desires, not shying away from any topic, including sex. McKinley reveals the fears that suppress our desires and prevent most Christians from completely joining the Kingdom of God. Helping readers name their hearts’ desires, McKinley points back to the only thing that can fulfill those dreams: a true relationship with Jesus Christ. A Kingdom Called Desire is not a how-to book but rather an exploration of the human condition of desire.

A Kingdom Called Desire contains 13 easy-to-read chapters, each followed by four to six insightful questions. This paperback is targeted to adult Christians who are restless for the Kingdom of God, which is not a kingdom of duty or guilt, McKinley explains, but a kingdom of desire that engages the very soul of humanity.

At times, A Kingdom Called Desire becomes a bit redundant when the author strives for emphasis, and McKinley can sometimes mount a soapbox when he wants to campaign for personal agenda matters. However, the readers have much to gain from this encouraging book. A Kingdom Called Desire redirects fear to hope and excitement. It beckons readers to join the adventure of being part of the Kingdom of God. – Estee Wells,

Book Jacket:

Author Rick McKinley explains how you can became the honest, passionate follower Jesus is looking for—a follower willing to let your heart be confronted by Christ’s transforming love to fulfill your deepest desires and radically reveal his Kingdom through your life.