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224 pages
Sep 2008

Where's Your Jesus Now?: Examining How Fear Erodes Our Faith

by Karen Spears Zacharias

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Where’s Your Jesus Now? is proof that author Karen Zacharias is anything but afraid of spilling the truth on fear. Not that she hasn’t had her share of it in life! With chapters titled “Feasting on Fear,” “The Religion of Certainosity,” “Exacting Revenge on God,” and “The Frailty of the Faithful,” Zacharias covers a wide range of very interesting, very engaging topics. As Scot McKnight put it, “she wraps her gifts in humor, sass, spunk, and biblical wisdom.”

I’ve read too many articles that open with an identical list of the many issues and fears pressing down on us today. It’s depressing. It’s repetitive. And most of us are pretty well aware of the crises that are taking place in our world. CNN is at our fingertips. So it’s worth noting that Where’s Your Jesus Now? is not depressing, and it’s not by any means repetitive.

Based on the ultimate concept that we’ve taken our eyes off Jesus and glued them on fear, Zacharias uses personal experiences, history, and contemporary culture to emphasize her points. Each chapter reads more like a personal essay and stands almost entirely complete on its own, full of color, life lessons, and punch. And although some readers might find themselves uncomfortable with Zacharias’s in-your-face style, I found her voice to be refreshing and bold.

Zacharias doesn’t claim to be a theologian. In fact, I’m sure that there will be some who will disagree with her point of view as expressed in the book. But that’s okay, because that’s her point, too. She doesn’t give a bulleted list of solutions or pretend to have the ultimate answer. I believe Zacharias intended this book to point us back to Jesus and away from fear, away from the “angry dad” box we put God in and back to the Lord who loves us and never leaves. As Matthew 28:20 puts it, “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Lauren Richwine,

Book Jacket:

“Where’s our confidence? Our hope? Is it possible that, in our hyper-vigilance against our enemies, real or perceived, we’ve taken our eyes off of Jesus, our protector and Redeemer?”

Author Karen Spears Zacharias observes that, more and more often, Christians are letting fear blind them to the love of the very God they worship.

Zacharias examines the world around us and the events that shape our lives, weaving a compelling exploration of faith versus fear. How is it that those of us who claim to be so firmly founded can be so easily shaken? How do we believe that a God who loves us more than we can comprehend can be willed by us to harm those who do not share our beliefs?

Writing with passion while avoiding the extremes of contemporary discussion, Zacharias melds social commentary, insightful spirituality, and a rapier wit in a profound meditation on the nature of faith, “the evidence of things not yet seen”.