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Trade Paperback
208 pages
Dec 2010

One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow

by Scot McKnight

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Professor Scot McKnight, noted blogger and author of The Jesus Creed, examines the Christian life from its very basis in One.Life. He carefully and methodically probes the standard answers given to the question “What is a Christian?”, and then shows how Jesus understood what it meant to be His follower. In fact, McKnight states that the answer is not a simple one, though it can be stated simply: “follow Me.”

Step by step, McKnight builds a working definition of a Christian. Each piece of the definition is carefully stated, referenced, and supported. To give the full definition would be a bit overwhelming; McKnight does his audience a huge favor by introducing his answer piece by piece.

Taking clues from the Old Testament, Jewish history, and first-century culture, the modern understanding of the term “kingdom” is shown to be grossly inadequate. McKnight carefully constructs his definition to remain faithful to the words and intentions of Jesus. The reader comes away with a fuller understanding of what it means to not only know Jesus, but how He intends to be followed.

The reader is then challenged to be a follower of Christ in every area of life. From work to family to love to society, McKnight demonstrates that the true follower of Christ will be totally transformed from the rest of the world.

The term One.Life is not really fleshed out in any specific place, but the book gives plenty of room for the definition to flourish. The One.Life that McKnight refers to is a life that is totally unified and devoted to Christ. The believer in and follower of Christ should devote their One.Life to developing that relationship. An interesting title becomes a catchy phrase that ties the book together nicely.

This book would be very helpful for not only the new believer, but also to the seasoned saint looking for a review of their faith. – Pastor Charles Eldred,

Book Jacket:

In One.Life, Scot McKnight offers a manifesto of Christian faith that beckons readers out of the rut of religious rituals to the high places of Christian living. What does it look like to follow Jesus? Find out what it means to embrace the vision of God’s kingdom in a way that awakens your finest dreams and shapes your entire life.