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336 pages
Jan 2008

Threads of Silk

by Linda Lee Chaikin

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Threads of Silk by Linda Lee Chaikin is an intriguing novel set in historic France where a young couturiere, Rachelle Macquinet, is commissioned to create a beautiful royal gown, but is soon caught up in a murderous plot being hatched by the Queen. Rachelle’s husband, Fabien, is also forced into a terrible situation as the Queen plans to accuse him of assassination.

The story escalates as Fabien and Rachelle determine to abandon their native France and escape into the refuge of England. Reliance on God is stressed throughout the journey of the two lovers. However, there never seems to be a great climax in the novel. There is great potential as the story winds along adventurous plots and romantic endeavors, but the ending seems to lead only as an entry-point toward a fourth novel. Anyone coming in now, at novel three, will have a lot of catching up to do and will leave this book feeling “up in the air” as to the outcome of the central characters and the culmination of the main plot.

But for the devoted fan of this series, this book is successful in continuing this ambitious story. The characters are dynamic and force the reader to keep turning the pages, even if some of the action moves a little slowly. I am looking forward to the fourth and last installment of this series, and recommend this as a great story for anyone who wishes for a story of faith and adventure. -- Heather Schultz,

Book Jacket:

Survival rests with Rachelle Macquinet, a beautiful young couturiere, and Marquis Fabien de Vendome, her dashing nobleman-husband, when Queen Mother Catherine de Medici unfolds her murderous scheme to preserve her reign. Faith in Christ must uphold them to escape the Queen’s web of treachery.